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Fun Events

Programming Whenever You Like

A classroom where you can learn programming whenever you want. No membership fees, no registration procedures, just come when you like and start programming right away.

Teachers from KIDSPRO, which ranked 1st in the Tokyo Recommended Classroom Ranking by “Koeteko by GMO” for two consecutive years in 2023 & 2024, will instruct at the Sloth Cafe.

  • Date: Tuesday and Thursday 14:00-17:30 Last admission 16:45
  • Location: Sloth Cafe, 95-10 Yatsuka-Kamimachi, Soka City
  • Instructors: KIDSPRO’s Mr. Okada / Mr. Maeda
  • Target Audience: Anyone over 5 years old interested in programming
  • Learning: LEGO SPIKE, Scratch, Minecraft, Python, etc.
  • Fee: 2,500 yen (tax included) for a 45-minute lesson, educational materials, PC, and tablets are available for free loan
    *No membership fee is required

Halloween Party at Sloth Cafe

The manager, who is also the representative of “Brave Kids,” supporting siblings and families, held a Halloween party at Sloth Cafe.

Siblings had the experience of being Sloth Cafe staff for the day.

For Outdoor Recreation

The daycare for children in Adachi district, “Heart Poppo,” which the manager’s second son attends, visited Sloth Cafe!

They dressed up as Minions (including the scientist costume inside).

Yoga for Moms at Sloth Cafe

The manager, who is the representative of “Brave Kids,” held a yoga session for moms at Sloth Cafe.

The yoga instructor is the very popular Kayoko Isobe.

Unmanned Sale of Pesticide-Free Vegetables

Local part-time farmers in Soka City sell pesticide-free leeks, radishes, and broccoli in an unmanned stand next to the cafe entrance.

Vegetables are best when fresh. Please try them.

Cooking Class for Moms at Sloth Cafe

A cooking class for moms was held at Sloth Cafe, led by the store manager who also serves as the representative of Brave Kids, a support organization for siblings with disabilities and their families.

The instructor is Tomomi Fujioka (Grinay), who has been hosting cooking classes for children with disabilities for over 15 years. She is a trusted teacher not only by the children but also by their guardians, and the dishes made in her cooking class are surprisingly delicious. Please check out her YouTube videos at “Grinay’s Kitchen.”

Sloth Cafeの店内写真


Spacious Area

Lying-down Space


Universal Toilet

Private Room

Miwako Okada