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Why do we need an accessible community cafe?

I have been raising a child with severe disabilities for 18 years. After we had a child with disabilities, our lives changed dramatically. The biggest problem was that we couldn’t dine out easily. Reasons include denial of entry to wheelchair users, absence of wheelchair-accessible toilets, and no allowance for bringing in dysphagia diets (meals in paste form that can be eaten even by those who cannot swallow solids). Additionally, there are hardly any eateries with a bed equipped in the wheelchair-accessible toilet for changing adult diapers. From such experiences, I wanted to create a cafe where everyone is welcomed – people with disabilities, the elderly, and the able-bodied alike.

Caregiving is lonely

Caregiving is something you don’t fully understand until you experience it, and it can feel very lonely. While others can go wherever they want whenever they want, you can’t just head out easily. You can’t leave a child with disabilities, a sick person, or an elderly person who needs supervision alone at home. With things like assistance for turning over in bed at night, sleep becomes fragmented, and you become physically and mentally exhausted. Sometimes, it’s very important to be able to dine out leisurely and refresh yourself.

A place where everyone can relax

At Soloth Cafe, we aim to provide a space where everyone can feel safe and enjoy themselves. We also have barrier-free toilets equipped with universal seats to accommodate a variety of needs, whether for people with disabilities, the elderly, or guests with infants. We look forward to your visit. Feel free to drop by and enjoy a relaxing moment in a comfortable space!

Miwako Okada

We look forward to welcoming you.

Cafe Interior