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Check Out the Sloth Feature at Sloth Cafe!

Sloth Cafe is about to celebrate its first month since opening.

We’ve had many visitors, not just acquaintances, but also neighbors, Instagram followers, and people who read about us in information magazines. Thank you very much to everyone. We would be delighted if you could spend more relaxing time at Sloth Cafe again.

This time, I’d like to introduce the sloths of Sloth Cafe. My personal favorite is the:

“Posture Correction Sloth”

It seems to help prevent slouching when clipped to a desk. Sloths not only soothe everyone’s hearts but also thrive in various fields.

Next time you visit Sloth Cafe, why not clip a posture correction sloth to your table and use it while you work or study?

(Tetsuro Okada)

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